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No Boracay posts yet. I just want to share you my newest favorite snack. At 110 calories per bar, you can't go wrong with it. I'm health conscious eversince, but I do pig out most of the time sometimes especially before my period. Like now! Gosh, I couldn't imagine how much sodium and carbs I dumped in my system. I can't control it. For the past days, I've been eating like a kargador; although I want to take into consideration my resistance training which I started 2 months ago. The husband said my body needs more calories that's why I eat so much. However, the instructor in the video I'm hooked to mentioned about taking down notes on the food I eat every single day so I'll be aware of my caloric intake (which I never did, and I believe I've exceeded). Can someone enlighten me please? My weight is stagnant though, no gain, no lose. :)

(ang haba kasi ng intro e.haha) Here's the Health Valley double chocolate chip granola bars from Healthy Options. That store surely offers a lot. If it wasn't getting late, I would have stayed longer. It's organic, a good source of fiber, low sodium and fat and an excellent source of antioxidants. Best of all, it's yummy too! An alternative for chocolate lovers like me. There are still other flavors but I grabbed this one without thoughts.

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