People's Prince

My penchant for royals started when I was 12 years old. As we were assembled in the school's field for the morning prayer, my classmate/friend broke the news about Princess Diana's death. It was all over! During the burial, with all the mourners who flooded the streets of London, it was the Queen of Hearts' 12 year-old son who caught my attention. He was so young and small and looked so fragile, confused, at lost, devastated, but he bravely walked behind his mother's coffin. I was like, "What will happen to him now?"
This face just melts my heart.
Then updates about Prince Harry entering a private school---of him not doing well unlike his brother William who excelled in class. He was most of the time seen clubbing and boozed. He even smoked pots, thus calling him the wild child. He was even named as national disgrace. 

His biological father was even questioned, speculating he was not Prince Charles' son but rather Diana's ex-lover, James Hewitt. And only because Harry is red-haired like him. I don't know, but my first reaction when I saw Harry's photos was he looks exactly like his father. 
I was sad with all the controversies. Most people would choose William. I agree, William is more handsome, maybe more responsible and very king-like, but Harry has this peculiar charisma that even with all the negative news about him, you can't simply hate him. Maybe this was what he got from his mother? So my spirits elated when Harry entered Sandhurst (that's Britain's version of West Point). For once, the prince I once admired was doing something right.

 Then he vowed to continue his mother's humanitarian work with AIDS victims in Africa. 
And who will forget his frontline service in Afghanistan?
These are my favorite photos of him, candidly shot while he played rugby in the desserts of Afghanistan. Now the descriptions of  Judith McNaught and Jude Deveraux of a royal fits him perfectly! Since his brother is now married, I gather Prince Harry is now the most eligible bachelor in the world, not to mention   his 15 million (or 50?!?) dollar inheritance from his mother when he reaches 30. Plus another state home I guess?

But what's a prince without a princess?
Harry with on-off girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, but this is a story for another day. 

Harry and Pippa look good together, don't you agree? And how cute it will be if they become a couple. Wishful thinking! 
Harry is loved! As Paul Burrell (Diana's former butler) quoted, "Harry is the essence of Diana. He's the fun side of Diana. He is the person she had wanted him to be." I couldn't agree more. Harry is the people's prince. :)

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