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One of the things I always look forward to whenever I go home in our province is the food. Here's the usual conversation: Me: Dad, I'll go home this weekend; Dad: Okay, what do you want to eat for lunch/dinner?..Then after dinner, he would say, what about tomorrow breakfast? What do you want? and it goes on and on and on, but I never get tired of it. My dad, I would say is one of the best cooks in the world! He is the head of our kitchen and I'm proud of it! He experiments most of the time. He cooks fast but leaves everything clean and organized. I laughed my heart out one time when I opened the stainless steel casserole while the sinigang was put to boil and noticed the vegetables unchopped. There were huge, whole pieces of tomatoes and onions. It looked like a kid's experiment. I was like, really, are we going to eat this? But when we ate, there were no longer signs of the round veggies because they parted when cooked, and it was delish!

I know you see an oily food, but all the photos really don't give justice. This is one of my dad's experiment. I  pig out whenever I go home, like about 3 cups of rice per meal. And I'm not kidding. Shrimps are the main ingredients with potatoes, carrots and olives. It could be mistaken as shrimp caldereta but it has somewhat a sweet and slightly sour taste. 
Fish fillet with white sauce. I forgot what fish is this. Mouth watering!
Dad's famous beef caldereta. It's creamy and not oily. 
Chicken bbq! Well, the recipe is not originally his. hehe..I know I'm matakaw but  as I told my sister, Bhim, I eat differently when I'm at home. She said, it's because dad cooks with love. I agree! To all daddies out there, happy father's day! :)

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