What's in my job?

There are few people I've encountered who seemed at lost when they ask me about my work. I'm a nurse, but I work as an instructor. I teach nursing students in the classroom and clinical area. I lecture one course this summer (but it will end soon!yey!), but on a regular semester, I handle a group of 10 students, expose them in the clinical setting (aka hospital) and work like real nurses. Oh, and by the way,  I am liable with whatever happens since they still don't have their license. Most students address me as "professor" which makes me uncomfortable. Let me clarify that. I'm not a professor--hmmm, not yet. There's a hierarchy for that-instructor, assistant professor, associate professor and full professor. Am I happy with my work? Absolutely! You see, I can already see myself retiring with this job (seriously), but because I have to follow my husband in the U.S sooner (still years from now!), this won't be probable I guess. How is it like being an instructor? It's arduous! It requires tremendous and meticulous work. Let's say for example this summer, I go to work everyday except weekends from 10am to 5pm. I lecture in the morning, then return demonstrations on assessment of different systems in the human body (am I speaking Greek now?heee). When I go home, I immediately eat dinner then literally climb to bed and sleep. I'm already snoozing at 7 in the evening (gosh) because I'm so tired, then wake up around 2 or 3 in the morning to prepare for the next day's activity. That's how I function this summer. So is my work boring?!?! Nope! I sleep early because I'm physically and mentally drained at the end of the day, sometimes even emotionally exhausted. But everything is just worth it. So worth it! I'd like to share one of the best messages I received from a student. "Ma'am, thank you po sa lahat ng itinuro ninyo sa amin. Naging maganda ang pananaw ko sa pagiging isang nurse dahil sa inyo. Salamat po at naging parte kayo ng aming buhay. Hindi po namin kayo malilimutan." 
It always makes me smile whenever I read this one, especially during the times I feel undeserving. It lifts up my spirit! And note that this message actually came from a male student. :)

Some photos I managed to keep since 2008. :)

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