Somewhere out there, there's another me!

Two years ago, my husband encountered an American woman who looks like me, of whom they were regular customers of her scented candles. The first one who noticed was papa. Then the other day, while Bryan and my sister-in-law, Nadine exited Target Mall, they noticed a girl who appears that of Mediterranean descent, looks like me--again! The girl only has tan skin tone, but the whole face, as described by Bryan, was me, including the bangs and eye glasses. It was a quick encounter since the girl was on her way to the parking area. Hubby was just quiet while he glanced. It was Nadine who exclaimed, "Kuya, kamuka ni Ate Beng o!" I could feel excitement in his voice as he narrated. I joked him and said it was really me he saw because I have Doraemon's "Anywhere Door". I was stalking him! 
(Trivia: Doraemon is a blue robot cat who has 4-dimensional pocket and was sent from the 22nd century by Nobita's (the moron protagonist) great-great grandson to improve Nobita's life, as well as his descendants. Ironic part here is Doraemon's phobia with mice/rats because his ears were eaten by them. The anywhere door is like a time machine and is my favorite among Doraemon's gadgets.) 
So Bryan rode with my joke and disappointedly asked why I didn't even bother to say hi and hug him. That's how we talk sometimes. Silly! I told him he should have taken a photo of the girl, because I will definitely approach and take a photo of his "long lost brother" when I see him in person. 
This is Jolo Revilla. I watch his shows sometimes  and giggle  because I remember my husband.  Another trivia: Jolo has a brother named Brian. What if they switched names instead? That will be more fun! hahaha
See the resemblance? But of course, the husband is more handsome! This is suppose to be a post about me, but it ended up differently..hahaha  
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