Rekindling romance...

Not with my husband, since we don't have to rekindle anything! Summer classes is over, and I was also able to take a peek of my schedule for the next semester, which will be, err, in 2 weeks! I am quite happy and satisfied because I don't have graduate school classes anymore, which means, I have the luxury of time for myself, which means again that I can start reading novels which I deprived myself for the past years. I have two favorite authors, Jude Deveraux and Judith Mc Naught (I am quite fixated with them so I do not entertain any other authors at the moment). I started reading their works in high school. I thought I was already old for Sweet Valley and The Bobbsey Twins series (I just realized now that my former favorite books were set of twins) and wanted to level up. I was 13 or 14 then, and that was when I discovered "squeals of delight"  (which I now know very well. I'm glad I took up Nursing for it was explained scientifically!). Confused, I turned to my friend who was a bookworm and asked her to explain it to me. She rolled her eyes while laughing and said, "You don't know that?", I aswered, "If I knew it I wouldn't ask you."

So I just want to share you these fabulous books. I am a hopeless romantic and so these books fit me well. Jude Devereaux has the Montgomery series. The Montgomerys are my favorite heroes (including my sister and my best friend) especially if the setting is ancient England and Scotland (they have lots of modern stories too). Now if this begins to rise an interest, start reading the Velvet Series where the Montgomery family tree started sometime in the 18th century. Alright, enough of Montgomery but they are just so strong and handsome and charming that you'll wish they're real people! They have flaws too by the way. And then there are the proud and headstrong heroines who define beauty in its truest sense of word. Judith Mc Naught, however has thicker novels but the stories have more twists that you would prefer to control your bladder rather than miss a page even for a minute. I am currently reading "A Kingdom of Dreams" by Judith Mc Naught which I neglected for 3 years. 
Here are some of the novels and I plan to collect every title. I think I'll snag some too when I go home next week in the province. 
Earth Angel

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