My Fitness Story

At 26, I am 105 pounds. It's the ideal weight for me and maintained it for 6 years now. But way back, I was chubby. When I was in grade 4 and was learning comparative adjectives, my English teacher chose the word "fat". And wow, I was the superlative. According to her, I was the fattest in class. That made me sad and humiliated. (and hated that teacher! The truth is, I was not fat, my classmates were just skinny, I swear.)
In college, I stayed at a dormitory with my older sister. To compensate with all the requirements in school, we chomped even at the wee hours of the morning. I felt my shirts and jeans getting tighter and my weight was unstable. 
This was in third year college with my friend, Iton. Look how big my cheeks were. And I only put on a sly smile! My arms were forever thin, but my waist and legs were, well, uncomfortable due to their increased circumference. My weight was about 115 lbs. Oh, and I still have boobs back then.ahahaha 
Then in fourth year college, my bestfriend, Iris told me about the science of Atkin's Diet. I got rid of all the carbohydrates in my diet. I went to the nearest homemade cooked food stalls (aka carinderia) and took all kinds of viands. Everything except rice. I even stayed away from crackers, noodles etc. Turned out, after 2 weeks, I started losing weight. I felt my jeans loosened and my tummy getting smaller. Even my friends noticed it. But based on my experience, it's not also good to engage in an all protein diet. 
We were in fourth year college here with my friend, Judette. I looked gaunted!  My thighs were so small then.  I still continued with my diet for a year, but I ate rice once in a while. I only resumed my normal diet when I started working since I needed a lot of energy. Surprisingly, I still maintained my weight even if I chowed like a boy at the peak of his puberty. I guess my metabolism sped up. 
Early 2007, I decided to be fit. I ordered a fitness dvd from a home t.v shopping network. It's called Turbo Jam. I like that it's not boring. Then 2 years after, I ordered another dvd. This time, it's Barry's Bootcamp. My husband said I don't need to do cardio workouts a lot because it will just make me thinner. He recommended resistance training and it's what Barry's Bootcamp is for. Both dvds kept me motivated. I love them! And best of all, I don't need to go to the gym. :)
Here's my latest photo with the hubby just a couple of weeks ago when we went to Pagudpud. Hmmm, not bad! I love the feeling of being in shape. It makes me feel healthy and rejuvenated.
And to get rid of free radicals after a sweaty workout, I only trust one supplement. I love, love, love Usana Essentials, but this is going to be a story for another day. Don't you just love the feeling of being healthy inside and out? Geez, I sound like an infomercial, but really, I can vouch for its effectiveness. 
On a lighter note, being healthy doesn't mean being skinny. It's just how the media introduced health to us. So, if you're not a size 0 or 2, don't be sad because everyone comes in different sizes. But bear in mind that you would like to be healthy and fit because you love yourself and you want to take care of it because it's the only one you have.
Enjoy summer!! :))

Earth Angel

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