Sonya's Garden

The day after my oral defense, my college friends and I met up and spent the whole Saturday updating stories. What a great treat for me! Originally, we booked Club Balai Isabel for an overnight stay, but because of the tsunami thing, we ended up at Sonya's Garden. I've always wanted to go there. It's one of the places I wanted to have our reception if given a chance to wed at the south. Before I proceed with the garden story, my friends and I met up at UST. 

If you're a Thomasian who haven't visited the campus for so many years, a plain passerby or  a tourist, this spot is compulsory for photo op. Although sometimes, the letters are moved from one spot to another. At the back is the Main Building which is always mistaken as a church because of its blue cross at the top. As a trivia, The Main Building is already considered a national cultural treasure of the Philippines and the first earthquake-resistant building in the country---something to be proud of.  
Sonya's Garden has an amiable environment. It's very quiet, has lots of greens to look at and adapts a country side feeling with all the woods and capiz lights and windows. 
It also has its own panaderia (bakery) where everything is homemade. We can smell freshly baked breads from the outside.  

This is the garden's main restaurant. In it lies another garden (see photo below), so you can really enjoy the food while viewing a nice backdrop while having a hearty chat with friends. I don't have any photos of the food, but we were served bread and fresh veggies with different dressings. I love Sonya's secret dressing! The green salad made me full already. Their main course is pasta with two sauces, sun dried tomato and chicken cream with mango. I love white sauce so I sticked with the chicken cream. For the dessert, we were served sweet potato, banana rolls with jackfruit covered with sesame seeds and chocolate cake. Oh, and of course, Sonya's signature dalandan juice and tarragon tea for drinks! One thing I liked about the resto is that the serving is just right. At first, I thought they served too small, but I almost couldn't breath at the end since I was so full. 
Inside the main restaurant sprawled a mini greenery. This is funny, so after dinner,  my bestfriend, Iris (the one in black polo) and I went to the bathroom. Our 3 other friends warned us about the washroom. One friend said, it's up to you to find out. True enough, we were laughing so hard because we couldn't find the doors. The ladies' room has 2 cubicles. Then when I entered the cubicle, the screened window is totally open (from ceiling to the floor!) like someone's watching from outside while I pee. I was paranoid. I asked Iris if hers was the same, then we laughed so hard again. But don't get me wrong, the washrooms are so cozy. We're just really crazy when we're together. 

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