Quirky Post-Nup :)

If you're a friend or a regular reader of this blog, you know that my husband and I only see each other once a year. This year, he went home for 13 days. If you ask how we do it, I'll answer it's love, commitment and our mind set that this is only temporary, we'll be together soon. Just a bit more patience. (P.S: We are now back to our abnormal set-up) Before he went home, I asked him if he's game with post-nuptial pictorial. (The truth is, I asked him when everything's ready.heehee) Let's just say I'm fortunate to have a husband who's always game. He had only one request though. He wanted to have the pictorial without passersby. Not that he's shy, he just does not want attention from strangers (like what happened last year to our engagement shoot). We had our shoot at home, but decided to go beyond our gate. It sorta created a commotion that was uncomfortable. Some chismosang neighbors thought it was a celebrity shoot. Bryan overheard them saying, "Hindi naman sikat mga yan e." (kasi po, hindi naman po kami artista, kapit-bahay nyo po kame.) 

So from vintage theme, I opted for a quirky photo shoot this year. Mine was ballerina-inspired. Bryan was suppose to have a Chuck Bass' inspired outfits (colorful and metrosexual) buuuut, he's gone big, he won't fit in Filipino sizes. Wait, when I say big, I meant he's gained muscles--and expanded his subcutaneous tissues in the abdomen.heeee

Our team this year was a package deal. heehee..Christine Lorico, the visual storyteller; Aisa Ipac, the ever fasyon stylist and Bambi Dela Cruz, the hot make-up artist. (Tip: It's always nice to get a team who are friends.)
Here are some of the layouts. Everything to love! Location: our home

I love Aisa's interpretation of a ballerina.
Tin saw this lamp hanging somewhere at home, et voila, props!

That's not bilbil you see there. The blouse was actually loose on me and the zipper created those bumps. 
Top: Fabrichild

lovely dress: Fabrichild
Aisa pulled this dress out from RoyAnne of Fabrichild. When I saw it, I immediately cried.
"Kay RoyAnne yan! Small world!"
These are just some of the photos. There's a lot more! Even if we're married for a year now, post-nup pictorial is never too late. Actually, I want to do this every year (if Bryan agrees). It's super worth it!! I love this team. All couples out there, be it an engagement, post-nup or for fun shoot, book them now! :)
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  1. I love your way of doing things together, ma'am. :)

  2. I love, love, love the dress... the last one! Super love! See, I'm speechless!

  3. hi minnie dear! thank you! :)

    hi crickette! hahaha..you're so funny. you can order the dress from Fabrichild. :)

  4. You look like a doll! I love the tulle skirt that you're wearing :-)

  5. hi sjen! thank you! the pink skirt's from jellybean. :)


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