Isabelo Garden

This is one hidden treasure at the heart of Marikina. I'm going to hug Aisa for blogging this. So last March, I decided to have a reservation to treat my very special guest--the hubby. I got interested with this place since it's very private and the food looks so delicious. For one, it's not a walk-in restaurant, it doesn't even have a sign outside, so if you're planning to go there, book at least 2 to 3 days before your chosen date. They buy ingredients on the day itself so everything's guaranteed fresh. The old house's garden was converted into a restaurant which functions at 6 in the evening until 12 midnight. We asked someone to drive for us since Bryan is not familiar in Marikina. We got lost before in our Laya dining experience and I don't want that to happen anymore. So upon booking, I deposited a down payment to ensure commitment and finalize my orders. I'm not good in directions, but I enjoyed the challenge of finding the place. Here's what it looks like...

There's an art gallery on one side, painted by the mother of Ms. Portia Baluyut. Ms. Portia personally cooks everything. The flaw of being tall. Bryan bumps into everything at his level. 

Since it's a garden, mosquitoes could be hiding and ready to feast arms and legs anytime. It's not a problem with me because I always bring a mosquito repellent lotion, or you could request one at Isabelo's.
Some of the paintings. According to Ms. Portia, the flood reached the ceiling during Ondoy's wrath. Some of the antique photos of her grandparents were also destroyed.  
This is our appetizer, spinach artichoke. The dip is cheesy but not overwhelming (pwede kong papakin!). The bread is soft and chewy inside, but crispy on the outside. We could tell it's really homemade.   
Baked oysters! The aphrodisiacs..hehe..Savory! yum!
My all time favorite soup, pumpkin.
Grilled salmon steaks. They're so huge, good thing Bryan's with me to finish everything. 
Ohmigosh! This is our favorite among the bunch! Grilled pineapple and double smoked bacon pizza. This is the best pizza we've ever tasted, I swear! Good thing it was served last. Bryan described it as orgasmic and lean in taste. It's flavorful but not oily, and the crust is very thin. I giggled when I saw Bryan's reaction on his first bite. He literally closed his eyes and savored every munch. There are still other pizza flavors, but I chose this one because it has pineapples. I don't like pizzas without pineapples. Ms. Portia was actually worried because she just used a local mozzarella, which means, it's "not yet the best". Don't miss this one if you plan to dine at Isabelo's.
Its very thin crust!
Chili oil
For the dessert, we ate watermelon sorbet. Try eating it plain, then squeeze lemon. The lemon boosts its citrus flavor. 
I love Bryan's topsider and ivy hat! :)
I'm wearing a chambray romper (Tomato), polka dot blouse (Kirin), oxfords (F21-pasalubong of my bestfriend, Iris)
Burrrrpp!!! Reserve at Isabelo now. You won't regret it. Next post is Abe's Farm
Happy Weekend Everyone! On our way to Pagudpud this evening.

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