Chinatown's Best Food

The next day after graduation, Chinatown's Best Food catered our lunch for our thanksgiving. Bry's sister, Nadine also graduated and got her BSN degree, which makes a double celebration! I love Chinatown's Best Food! 

This was January 2008 at the old Chinatown's, after our liturgical engagement. The restaurant was renovated after Ondoy.

Chinatown's is best booked at least a week before the event, but in our case, we booked them a day before. We're lucky they said yes! They are very flexible to cater everyone's needs. They have delicious food (yangchow fried rice and sweet and sour pork are my all time favorite) and good service, not to mention the resto's only a few blocks away from our home, so I can always go there when I want a buffet meal.hehe
They asked me what motif I wanted, I immediately replied green and yellow. So Nursing!

Lechon from Elar's! Thank you mama and Jell-O for the treat! :))
 I wore a chambray maxi dress I bought at a random store in Malaysia, cropped top from F&H, shoes from Juan
Click here if you're interested with Chinatown's catering. :))

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