Abe's Farm

Malaus kayu Pampanga!!! I blog different places, but very few from my hometown. I guess it's high time to promote tourism in Pampanga. Since my Jell-O was only able to get 13 days of vacation, I planned ahead, mostly restaurant hopping. haha

I saw Abe's Farm first on our wedding coordinator's Facebook since his brother got married there. I was mystified! Then my bestfriend, Iris told me the place is beautiful. She said it's like the Sonya's Garden of Pampanga. I couldn't agree more. 
So here's our itinerary for the day. Another photo overload post
Ah!! Dose of fresh air! I grew up with these trees! They were just plants when I was in elementary. We're on our way home in Candaba to fetch dad, then off to Abe's Farm. :)
A country-side feel! Abe's Farm is owned by Larry Cruz. (also the owner of other renowned restaurants like Cafe Adriatico, La Mer, Bollywood, Cafe Havana and many others) This was built years ago as the family's rest house, but since the wife had some hard time with its maintenance, they converted it to a restaurant. It is located at the foot of Mt. Arayat. 
The restaurant was the rest house before. I'm not a fan of wood and bamboo houses, but I was in awe upon entering the place! It was artistically made! 
While waiting for the orders
Dad loved the place too, and the food! 

Bryan had tamarind shake (It's their best seller!), while dad and I sticked with mango shake. 
Appetizer: Arobong Kamaru (Farm Crickets) Besides curiosity, another reason why I wanted to visit the place is to let Bryan taste Capampangan dishes. This turned out to be his favorite. Yum! 
Tidtad (aka Dinuguan) 
This was dad's favorite. Binukadkad na Pla-pla with Balo balo and mustasa. Pla-pla is a huge tilapia. The sauce is the Balo-balo, made with salted rice and shrimp paste. Another Capampanga dish. This is my favorite, although a lot of people feel nauseated with the smell and taste. Bryan loves this one too! 
Aligue ng Talangka (fat of tiny crabs)
Kilayen (Pork liver stew)
Some of the interiors
It's also a resort! Oh and I have another trivia. If you're a fan of "Maging Sino Ka Man", this was the home of Celine and JB (Anne Curtis and Sam Milby) on part 2, where Celine died in the end. 
See?! They also had a love scene but I couldn't find a video. hihi
Abe's Farm also has spa and accommodation. The 3 of us had foot reflex after a hearty meal. The serene place is open from 10am-8pm except on Tuesdays.  
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  1. looks like a wonderful place :)

  2. The food looks delish!!! Wanna go there soon...

    Nice blog, followed you btw. Hope you'll drop by mine and follow me too. Thanks!!!


  3. @hazel: it's a wonderful place indeed! :))

    @jacq: mabuhay!!! hehe :))

    @ayieh: nice blog too! you should go, it's worth it. :))

  4. I guess Abe's farm is the same as Abe's restaurant here in Manila. Is it? Now I'm confused. haha

  5. @daphne: They're both under the LJC company. :)


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