Quick updates

For the past months, I've had a love-hate relationship with my thesis paper. It caused my eye grade to surge again, slept with the lights on for months and occupied only half (sometimes 1/4) of my bed since it was swarmed with papers, books and trash, and worst, my laptop crashed (and was never revived) with all my files in it. I even had episodes of nightmares about presenting my thesis unprepared. My goal earlier this year is to finish my master's degree. I'm happy to divulge that I am finally graduating next week! There's one more requirement though, but I'm almost there. The best part is, my husband is also coming home next week. He'll only stay here for two weeks, so we'll have to make the most out of it (do not disturb, please). I am more than excited! I am also grateful to all the people (they're too many!) who showed their simple acts of random kindness. I truly appreciate it. Thank you so much! 

Honestly, I have some personal reasons why I wanted to graduate this year. I didn't want to prolong my agony because whether I like it or not, I will still have an encounter with this final requirement. I also have to face my fears and it freed me. It was a self fulfillment. Next, my husband's coming home and I don't want to be stressed anymore. Last year when Bryan and I went to Bantayan Island and Coron, I had a superego attack so I brought some school works with me and even asked him to help me do the research work. I know, it's suppose to be a honeymoon, so I feel a pang of guilt whenever I remember it. And lastly, since I'm done with it (yey!!!), I can now focus on my other passion--FASHION!! But Nursing will always be my first love. :))

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