Our long lost brother

Time and again, I always post something worth reminiscing from my childhood. Does this explain I'm getting older?! haha. This calls for a blog segment, ala kwento ni Lola Basyang, or the adventures of Punat. Punat was my nickname given by my uncles (my mom's brothers) and until now, they still don't get tired of it. Alright, so ever since my mom and dad got married, my dad wanted to have a son and name him Ericson or Egbert. But in the end, he had 3 daughters, and all of our names start with a letter "E" (this is just a trivia, not really connected to the blog post..heee). Then last year, a cousin of ours gave birth to her son, Maxime and my, he looks like us! Seriously, Max is like a combination of the three of us. Even his mom agrees! 
Hi! My name is Maxime Thiebard. I'm 6 months old and I'm Frenoy (is there such word?).  My beautiful mom is Filipina and my sporty dad is French. They say I look like my aunts when they were babies. They call me "Ericson" or their long lost brother. Look at their photos below.
This is Tita Bim. The shape of our faces are so alike. There are still a lot more photos, but this one is the most accessible. 
This is Tita Beng. I call her Tita Pretty because she told me so. She's the author of this blog. Her face was also puffy like mine when she was a baby. 
This is my Tita Boom. I call her Mama Boom. Among the three of them, I look like her the most. She was my girl version back in the 80's. 
This is Mama Boom with Lola Daks. 
This is me and Tita Beng when I visited the Philippines last month.  I was surrounded with beautiful ladies with all my aunts and grannies present. They took a lot of photos of me because I'm so cute and cuddly and I was the only boy. It was like a reunion of my mom's second cousins. They were so noisy and laughed hysterically. But I still have to learn Capampangan because I only understand French as of now.  
Tita Beng hopes her future baby will be as adorable and gracious like me. She couldn't stop staring at me and I love it!  

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