Michelle & Stanley, Nam & Shone :))

These are the couples who kept me company on the days I was at home, doing the research work. 

from the Taiwanese series, Next Stop: Happiness or Autumn's concerto. there's Wacky, Michelle and Stanley
A Thai movie! Nam and Shone :)
I am a fan of pure, unselfish love. I don't usually watch Asian movies or series, unless I come to like the plot. I don't want dragging stories. Years ago, almost all Pinoy series were about love (madalas katangahan, aminin!) and selfishness, not to mention the long phasing. I already did a blog entry about my rants 3 years ago. You may read it here if you're interested. 

Back to the main topic. So both stories are light. The latter has a much lighter plot. It will somehow make anyone feel good after watching them, although I spent few days on Autumn's Concerto since it has 20 plus episodes. It's pure kiligness!! This is one thing I like about Asians. Males practice the art of chivalry and it's almost always present on movies/shows/series which, anyone could relate, not the worldly type of affection. Then there's the support characters--friends, loyal friends who will never ever leave you, which points out to my belief that I don't need many friends, only a handful who are willing to stay and listen. That's more than enough. I won't spoil anything here, but here are the trailers. :)

Autumn's Concerto

Crazy little thing called love

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