Color Artistry's Retrospective Vol. 2

I just want to share these official  photos from Jesy Alto-Ocampo's project. It's everything to love!
I love my hair and make-up here! My bangs looked full and the gray contact lenses helped a lot. The headdress was from Joe San Antonio. I bought it last year and planned to wear it at the reception of our wedding, but decided to stick with the pillbox hat. The lipstick looks bloody red, but it's from the plum family, if I remember it right. 
I was so happy that my gown still fit me, although I gained a little weight since last year.  I look thinner on my wedding photos, but my waist is slimmer now, which is a lot better! :)
Real brides in their wedding gowns, with a make-up twist. That's Jesy in gray.
The whole team of Retrospective Vol. 2. It was so much fun! :)
A simple proof that Jesy is indeed an artist. I snatched this one on her blog. 

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  1. I really love your gown. I dunno if you remember my comment before, but when I saw your wedding in BridalBook, I fell in love with it...

  2. hi dra. crickette! thank you so much for appreciating. I love it too! yup, I know the drama queen and I'm happy that you also visit my blog once in a while.hihi


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