Vintage or Modern?!?

Today's a special day. It is our first renewal of vows anniversary. And today, I got to wear my wedding dress again. My fabulous wedding make-up artist, Jesy, is updating her portfolio. This year, she's debuting her real brides and it includes me..heehee..I do not have much photos as I'll be waiting for the official ones, shot by Jesy's equally talented hubby, Erron. We had it shot at Pinto Gallery in Antipolo together with other former brides. Since the place is admirable and perfect for picture taking, I did seize the opportunity, thus making another outfit post, not that of my gown (I know you're sick of it already.), but this cute girly dress and my Katy Perry inspired look. =)

I borrowed Erron's bag because I thought it looks good with the dress. 
dress: h&m, shoes: aldo, belt: landmark
Me and the other brides, with our own wedding gowns. This was so much fun, except for the wrong timing zit on my nose. grrrr..But I am still happy because my gown  fits me. Yey!! Plus, I know Bryan will be happy too when he sees these photos because I don't look thin. My arms are improving! Thank you Jesy and Chris for making us beautiful once again. 

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