The Suit

I didn't know there's actually a rule in wearing a suit, and I didn't mind at all (duh, I'm a female so why will I care?) My rule is, just as long as it looks 'good', then it's fine, although my dad is so conscious about it. Sometimes, it feels awkward when my dad throws atrocious remarks on celebrity males who are dressed 'inappropirately'. I was never familiar with this until the wedding preparations when I had to look for the perfect designer for Bryan and I was forced to read on how to properly dress my groom. I am lucky though, because Bryan knows how to dress himself. He's not vain but he has a very good taste. I am not an expert and definitely not the best person to discuss these things. This is just based on my observations so I created my own rules. 

I believe the suit should be bought together. They are like brothers who are inseparable. If you buy them separately, then there's a huge chance they won't match, even if they are the same shade. (ex: there's grayish black, bluish black, black black etc.).

I say you go for the safe colors if you're not sure what to wear. Not everyone's like Chuck Bass who can pull off pink, lilac, red and tangerine suits, but still look dashing. You can play with the inner shirt and tie anyway. =))

Don't wear it if it's lousy and bigger! We had to drive about 3-4 times all the way to Pampanga because Bryan's suit needed to be adjusted. During the first fitting, I thought it was already okay since it looked good! But it turned out it had to be adjusted several times to perfectly fit him. 
Perfect fit! Suit by Frederick Policarpio. 
I believe, no two persons have exactly the same measurements, so even if you buy an RTW suit, don't hesitate to go to a tailor and have necessary adjustments. 

Too much of something is bad enough. Make sure your socks are hidden, especially when walking. If they're exposed, it means the pants are too short (You don't want to look like you walked your feet off the flood, right? ), but not too long to the point that it looks bulgy and bouncy. 

I prefer shoes which look smaller when worn since there are some that look like an arc. Especially if someone is vertically challenge, then he steps in the room with those Ronald Mc Donald-like-shoes. Ewww! Sorry, but it's an eye sore for me.

I asked my dad to name celebrities he appreciates when dressing up. He started dropping old names like Tony Ferrer and Eddie Rodriguez.  I said, "They are too old, can you name younger ones? Then he started saying Cristopher De Leon, Gaby Concepcion, Aga Muhlach, that racer, Matteo Guidicelli and Bryan Perlas..ahahaha..My dad's so funny! Anyway, you don't have be these stars to look good in a suit. The keyword, I guess is perfect fitting. If you have this, then you'll be confident, right? 

Happy Weekend! I lost my voice now and started coughing. Have a great week! =))

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