10 years and counting....

This was 2005.

Our oath taking at the Araneta Coliseum..Bryan, me, Maan, Tintin and Xerx
Here are the three of us 6 years later. 
Xerx, me and long time lovers, Maan and Kenneth
We've been friends for 10 years now. They are (except Kenneth) my friends/block mates/duty mates since college. We were 13 in the group. Half of them are in the U.S/Canada now. The other half (that includes me), are here. So how are we 10 years after? Some got married, some married with children, some in a relationship, some still single and virgins (just injecting humor here, alright). Xerx is working in Canada and went home for the holidays. He's the only rose among us, thorns. As you can see, he's obese overweight on the first photo (he hates seeing past photos), but with perseverance and discipline, look at him now. Wow! 
Just a short story-for the sake of nostalgia. Once we had an orientation at an affiliating hospital. There were a lot of nursing students from different schools. Then the host asked a volunteer for an ice breaker, the same time Xerx asked me to accompany him at the comfort room. When we stood up, the host said, "Oh, let's give them a round of applause! Are you going to sing for us? From what school are you?" Seriously, that was humiliating (on my part), since Xerx is a good singer. 

Maan and Kenneth have been sweethearts since time immemorial. Kenneth's from the engineering. While having a duty in a medical-surgical ward when we were in fourth year, Kenneth waited for Maan on a bench across the nurse's station. Then our clinical instructor passed by. She stared at Kenneth and asked why he was there. He said he was waiting for his girlfriend. Right then and there, our clinical instructor scolded Kenneth to not disturb his girlfriend during duty hours (quite ironic since our c.i never mentioned it to us) After our duty, I immediately warned Bryan to just wait for me outside the hospital and never go to our assigned area. I got scared.haha

Anyway, here are some photos at Via Mare and Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee (KoCCo). I didn't know Via Mare is catering Filipino dishes. All the while I thought it's Italian. =)
Puto Maya..I frequently hear this, but this was the first time I ate one. Tastes good with ripe mangoes.  

asadong bangus
It was Maan's birthday too! The cake was so delicious! 
dress: thrifted, shoes: Trunkshow

I miss you BDN!  =))

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