Psychedelic shoes

The first time I set eyes on these shoes, I knew I had to own a pair.

But unfortunately, they were sold out instantly online and even at F21 Philippines. Funny, I've never been to the stall. I was so sad, I wanted them badly. So I googled and finally stumbled on Ebay USA where my only hope was on for bid. This was last September by the way. I was just lucky they're my size! Obviously, I won, almost double the price, but what the hell. The seller doesn't ship in our country so I made an arrangement and asked her to send them to my husband's place. 
After 3 months, I finally debut them when we attended a Christian wedding of a family friend. 
This is how I always look on photos-pale and boring (sometimes red and boring). Sorry, I don't put any make-up on. My sister said I look like The Orphan because the upper part of the dress looks conserve. 

dress from Archive Clothing. Have you noticed that most of my dresses are from Archive? They started accumulating last year because I almost purchase every month when there's a new collection. And I seemed to lack chances of wearing them. 
Miumiu inspired shoes, Forever 21

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