My life since Bryan....

Well, this is mushy, so you really don't have to read it. No photos for this post. 
Highlights of BryBeng or BrEthel or EtheRyn

The night of Valentine's Day, 2004-- I received the very first text message from him. We were both in third year college.
5 days after - We met in front of my dormitory
2 days after - First date 
A couple of days after - He said 'I love you!' 
March 30 of same year became our official anniversary. So it was the perfect option to choose "Wise men say, only fools rush in, but I can't help falling in love with you." (I know you're humming this in your head now) as my bridal march. 

2005 - I was officially a nurse and he passed the medical technology exams. That same year, he and half of his family went to the U.S.
My hometown in Pampanga is a rural place, so there's no other mode of communication besides mobile phones and landlines. Back then, he worked as a crew on Subway. Yes, the one with delicious and healthy sandwiches. He will wake up around 1, 2 or 3 in the morning and wait for me from work. We will laugh, cry and talk about anything on the phone. We were pissed off with that computer generated woman on the other line who never fails to say "You only have, 3 minutes remaining."

2006- April: He showed up at our doorstep at 7 in the morning after his 12-hour flight from the U.S! He went back in the U.S again and found another job in a home for the aged. I remained with my work in Pampanga. Same mode of communication.

Fast forward: 
2008 - We had our liturgical engagement!
And I got my job as an instructor in UST, while he was able to work as a laboratory technician in a huge tertiary laboratory in California. We started planning for our wedding.

2009 - Plan, plan, plan..Save, save, save..We worked and studied at the same time. He was preparing for his licensure examination while I continued with my graduate studies. He passed and we were more than happy. I was so proud of him. 

January 9 - Quiapo day: Bryan's friend/cousin/best man, called me up early in the morning and informed me about papa's cardiorespiratory arrest. The hardest part was how to tell Bryan about it. So sad, really.

January 14 - He went home and both of us decided to have the wedding earlier.

January 17- This became our official wedding day. I couldn't find the right words to describe it. It was emotional! Our noses were all red from crying. My dad cried the most and it was contagious. It was beyond beautiful. We felt blessed! 

Today is January 17, 2011. Exactly one year since that poignant event. 
Upon typing this, I want to hug and thank everyone who was present on that day (even those who were with us in spirits). Thank you, Fr. Aris for gracing the ceremony. My mom and dad for doing all the legwork. My sister, Bhim and cousin, Ren who prettified me and became my instant bridesmaids. My older sister, Ate Boom whom I know was praying and anxious back there in the Middle East for some great news. My new family, mama, papa, lolo, Kuya, Ate Jean, B.J, Nadine and Baby Teja for welcoming me to your family. My aunts and other cousins for lending us some wedding paraphernalia. My friends who took over my students, and my professors who were so understanding on my 2-day absence. And to our God, the writer of our beautiful love story. 

Happy First Wedding Anniversary to my knight in white uniform, the one who always makes my heart beats fast and even skips a beat at times. =) 

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