On some expenses =)

Since UST will be turning 400 this year, there were a lot of activities per college. Last night was the Nursing Gala where the alumni of UST College of Nursing fused per batch at the Fiesta Pavillion of the Manila Hotel. Gala Night equals formal. Formal means expensive..haha
not bad, not bad! gown was created by Joe San Antonio, make-up by Gery Penaso, hair by Mycke Arcano (a fellow Thomasian!), clutch bag from Landmark, earrings from S.M dept. store
Click here and here for Joe's site. I particularly love her wedding gowns and her starting rate is not bad. She was actually one of my options when I scouted for wedding designers. I gave her a peg of the gown's sleeves and she drew the rest. Black was my choice. =)

Then for the make-up. Gery professionally started his career on 2009, but enhancing beauty thru make-up was his long time hobby. Same with Mycke. He did not have any formal training on hairstyling. I say it's a gift! Originally, Ate Engie should have done my make-up but she was not available, thus recommending Gery. =)

You see, it's okay to spend on a one-time-use gown and make-up. After all, events like this comes once in a blue moon. The bottom line is, you get what you pay for. And I don't want to have make-up nightmares anymore. When I was 9 years old, my cousin asked me to join the Santacruzan. My hair and make-up was done at an average beauty parlor. I didn't exactly remember how I looked like, but years after, I wallowed on  some photos and with my horror, I thought I saw a gay.--a 50-year old gay!! Then the other photo, I was a bridesmaid and appeared to be one of the Five Chinese Brothers (if you know that story).When I see those photos again, I think I'm going to burn them. No kidding! Learning comes with experience. 

Gery, Mycke, Joy and me..I was able to convince Joy for the make-up..haha..We call each other 'pangga' since we're almost always together and both our husbands are somewhere across the sea. Mine is across the ocean. 

Oh, and meet my newest playmate, Tiger Poo. I got him during our Nursing Convention last Friday.  

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