The Video that Made me furious!

Note: Parental Guidance needed

I recently watched this viral amateur video on Facebook and honestly, it felt like watching a Pacquiao game. I suddenly felt a rush of adrenaline while cheering for the wife. Then days after, this same video was shown on T.V Patrol. Just like in any teleserye, the wife portrayed the villain. You read that right. "The Wife, the Villain". Many commenters actually felt for the other woman, saying the wife just over reacted. I was furious!
A woman said, "May asawa rin kasi ako, pero para sakin, mali yung ganung appoach ng babae." Then a man said, "Sa bahay na lang dapat pinaguusapan yan." 
Really? If you see your husband with another woman somewhere, and you knew it's his concubine, do you still have the guts to say, "let's talk about this when we get home" in a casual way?!? I am not a war freak, but putting myself on the wife's shoes, I could have done worse. Same goes with men. If you see your wife or your girlfriend cheating, I'm pretty sure you would want to smash the other man into your palms until he's soaking with his own blood and looked like Clottey or Margarito. I may sound brutal here but it's a spur of the moment, a rush of raging blood to your veins. It's clear that "the other woman" in the video did not fight back. I would say it's because she's guilty! Nuff said! A family lawyer commented that the wife may be sued for liabilities such as physical injuries and slander which I think will give more favor to the husband and his mistress. Where is the wife's rights here? There is actually injustice in our revised penal code, especially with wives. This video cannot be even used as a proof for concubinage. The husband who commits numerous acts of marital infidelity cannot be sued by his wife for adultery since adultery is a crime committed only by the wife and her paramour.

And then others were speculating, saying that  maybe the husband did it because the wife is not physically attractive and she has a lot of shortcomings. Then why the hell he married her?! Marriage should not be thought of twice. It's a long process of decision making because it's a lifetime commitment. And really, are these the only grounds for marriage? I am married for only 11 months. At this point, I would say that Bryan and I are still so much physically attracted with each other. But count years from now when I develop a lot stretch marks from pregnancy or my armpits will be as black as carbon or I can already fit in the clothes of my husband and could be mistaken as a dugong, and Bryan, on the other hand will continuously have receding hairline and sport his beer belly all the time, will we lost the love? If there's one thing I learned, marriage is about compromising each other. That even if we have a lot of flaws, we still see beauty in each other or when the other is weak, the other one should be strong enough to stand for the both of us. Years from now, we may not be attracted to each other this much, love may fade too, even lust! But we'll still be together because we're bestEST friends. We're great companions whom we can't live without. And that's another beauty of marriage. 

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