They're so pretty, I'm gonna faint!!

I never owned a decent watch. It's just not my priority, and definitely not my eye candy.  Back in college when a wrist watch was part of our uniform, I used to only wear a fancy watch and change it every semester or when it's all worn out. Besides, I develop rashes with hours of wearing something on my wrist. I guess my skin couldn't breathe? hihi..Same goes with bags. I only use one bag, a huge one where I can put almost anything then change it every year. I throw them away because it makes my eyes sore when I see them piled up, unused. Weird? Well, that's me. But recently, I felt the need of owning a watch so I decided to buy myself a present this Christmas. And look what I've got on my mail yesterday. A stainless steel Caravelle by Bulova from Bryan!! 

It's a dress watch, although I still can't wear it because it's too loose. Anyone who knows where I can have it repaired? It's beautiful! The photo does not give it justice. My husband definitely has a taste (that's why he chose me..hahaha).

my santa! he's so cute eh?
And then this evening was our Faculty Christmas Party. Grand prize is a limited edition quadricentennial watch from Swatch. I saw a small, golden yellow box together with the other prizes and had an instinct that it's the sought after watch. My friend and I had a peek and true enough, it was! I want it! So yes, all throughout the night, I was praying that my name be picked. I really can't describe it, but I felt a pang on my chest as our dean gave the small paper to our MC. Then I felt my face turned red and my heart raced as our MC, Sir Hibek glanced on our table. Finally, he announced my name!!! ETHELYN MAGLANQUE!!! Ohmigosh, I was so happy!!!! My name seemed like music to my ears..hahaha..Happy is an understatement. I am blessed. It was surreal! And I saved a lot from these gifts! 
my nose seemed big from SMILING up to my ears!!
love it to bits!
the box

color coordinated?!? it's because we had an intermission number at the party.heehee

my friend, Teri won a water dispenser!! 

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