Singapura part 2

Here is our itinerary for our first day: Universal Studios at Sentosa, Bugis Market and Orchard Road

First stop: Universal Studios..Sad though, we failed on this. We didn't know tickets should be booked ahead. Instead, we took photos outside the studio. It's mandatory right? haha
the famous Universal Studios globe
There's a huge Hershey's store outside the Universal Studios. Oh by the way, we rode a cab. This is funny. We didn't know how to get one (magpapara ba kame?!?). So I had to text my friend who's currently working in Singapore and told us we can pull the cab over or book one. If ever you book one, there's an additional charge. I told the lady driver, "To Sentosa please"..All the while, we thought Sentosa is the Universal Studios not knowing it's just part of the huge place. So if you go there, please be specific with the places you're going to.
The cabs all have screens with the taxi driver's name and of course, the rate. My friend R.D told me the cabs come in low, middle and high class. They are all under one management so it's so easy to book one. Imagine a Mercedes Benz or a Chrysler used as a taxi! The rates differ too. Hard to explain but there's a certain part of the day where they charge 3 times more so it could be quite expensive.  
 Anyway, there's a lot of nice backgrounds for photo op in front of the Hershey's store. haha

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