Singapore-Malaysia Part 1

Last Saturday, my cousin Ren and I had a 3-day leisure trip in Singapore-Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur to be exact).

Day One: We arrived in Singapore around 9 in the morning. We were greeted and met by a local for hotel transfer. Our first day was a  free day!
I didn't know SG is a right-hand drive country..heeee..our service, with the driver slash tour guide.
Singapore is a clean country! 
We stayed overnight at the Oxford Hotel. I say it's the Singaporean version of Sogo Hotel..hahaha..kidding!  They're both red, that's why. Nothing special about this place. I actually felt homesick when I turned on the television with only 13 local channels, that's why I got so excited when the teleserye "Tayong Dalawa" was aired on a commercial break. It's called "The Two of Us" Big time Kimerald!!
Now for our first meal. If you're a tourist, the best way to eat safely is on known fast food chains right? Mc Donald's, KFC and Burger King were the nearest. Luckily, we chanced upon this restaurant called Lerk Thai. Obviously it's a Thai restaurant. 
I am not very adventurous when it comes to food. Anyway, here's what we ordered.
Ren's order
seafood's so spicy, I wasn't able to finish it
olive rice

This was immediately served when we sat down. I thought it's free but then it was charged for a dollar upon seeing the receipt.haha
I haven't been posting outfits for the past weeks. blazer: g2000 from Archive, top: Solo, leggings: F21, gifted from friends, oxfords: Cole Vintage
This is just an introduction. More posts to come. :)

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  1. excited to see your upcoming posts!:) I love reading travel posts and looking at travel photos. hehe. :) love your outfit sis! Oh, and Merry Christmas to one of my favorite clients.:)

  2. thank you pax!! yepyep!! more posts to come!! hihi..happy holidays to one of my fave fashionistas!!! :)


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