Kids say the darndest and the cutest things

It almost skipped my mind that the real reason I took up Nursing is because of kids. I love kids! Although there are moments when I just want to glare at them. Really, they are annoying at times. This morning, I had the chance to interview 6 kids (for my research). I braved the roads of Bulacan, got lost a bit but finally arrived. The interview's confidential so I can't disclose anything here. I am dazed on how they answer, it kept me smiling for the whole 4 hours! I just realized it when I felt my cheeks hurt from grinning. I love their innocence, that they answer even without thinking. They showed me that life is not complicated, that I can always be happy if I want to. I saw their eyes lit up when I gave them snacks--and it's only plain cupcake and tetra pack juice. These were some of our conversations, already translated.

1-kid: Ate, are you a teacher?
me: Yes, I am
kid: Oh, that's why the nursing students are so kind to us too. Because they have teachers like you. 

kid: (an 11 year old gay) Ma'am, do you also have gay students in UST?
me: (laughing) A lot!

me: What did you like about our students?
kid: They are all beautiful. Both boys and girls! 

kid: Ate, will you go back here next week?
me: Oh, sorry. I think this will be the last time I'll go here. 
kid: Oh, we'll still wait for you! (all smiles)

me: I'll go ahead. Come here, group hug!
youngest male kid: *late* too, hug me hug me!

And can I just say I kept on staring at their faces? Kids really have the best skin-poreless! My mini trip this morning was an eye opener. These 6 kids taught me something I will forever be grateful of. 

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