My life as a teacher part 2

One of the many reasons why I love the college-The Nursing Week! (but it should really be Nursing Days since it's only around 4 days) Our students excel not only in academics, but also in extra curricular activities. It makes me so proud seeing these lads and lasses showcase their talents-and I mean real talent. Seeing them a lot different from their usual white uniforms to being performers on stage is surreal. Why didn't we have this in college?! This is embarrassing, but the only thing I remembered in our Nursing Weeks in college is to have our class president check my attendance and then I'll go back to my dormitory to sleep, or go to the nearest mall with my friends.heee
Warning: photo rich..So to start off..The juniors this year had a Disney theme for the vaudeville--Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Hercules, Mulan and Aladdin. The sophomores had a dance contest with this year's title, Centerstage. The much awaited Search for the Ideal Nursing Personality and the faculty play entitled "Ang Ikapitong Panaginip ni Adela". (All photos by Mike Chan Li)

my favorite villain, Jafar! 
King Triton
Aladdin and Jasmine
The Little Mermaid! 
Arabian Nights song
Belle! lovely voice! 


This is so cute! Prince Eric and Ariel
the hulk! haha..yeah you got it, it's the genie! he's huge!
The sophomores..Centerstage


 Some of the candidates during the pageant night..all handsome and beautiful

 Then the faculty play, "Ang Ikapitong Panaginip ni Adela". Hats off! Written and directed by our students. The story is about a compassionate nurse who chose to volunteer in Saranggani, but ended up raped by an obsessed suitor and suffered post traumatic stress disorder. This play is an eye opener to everyone. I had goosebumps!
the main male character, Ron, eyeing on Adela

another dream of Adela
Adela confined in a mental institution

an artistic portrayal of the rape scene

 And some spoofs...We were also obliged to perform..boohoo
looks like Carina and Nikki are making fun of me
our one minute exposure..ahahaha

Happy Weekend still! Holiday tomorrow, but none for me.

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