La Mesa, Urban Escape

So many backlogs (duh?! as if so many people read my blog)..Semester break went by so fast. I am still recovering from my thesis writing 1 (yes, because there's 2 more!) and spent most of the days curled up on bed. Here's what happened during the past weeks. 
Our faculty had an excursion at La Mesa Eco Park before the break. I'll let the photos tell the stories. We arrived at the park with the sun so high but it started pouring so hard at the middle of our forest tour and we were dripping and so hungry by the end. This trip made me want to be an environmentalist. The thing I remembered most is a person who owns one car needs 30 trees to combat air pollution. 
with by Sir JV Ignacio

while waiting :)

me, gail and carlo..sweaty much!

the sun's still high

The mud is not obvious here, but I had to throw these shoes  because they were totally wrecked.

After all in a day's work, who wouldn't love to be pampered with massage and indulge with food? Two of my friends and I had a relaxing Sunday afternoon (this was 2 weeks ago) at Urban Escape. This was my first time to go in a spa. The place may not be a five star (physically), but it's clean, homey, private, with excellent service and courteous staff. We were directed to our own lockers, had a quick shower, lulled for 15 minutes in a sauna, served with house blend iced tea, took a shower again and coddled with an hour of Swedish massage. I fell asleep afterwards for 30 minutes. haha
at Urban Escape's reception..sorry no other photos
We headed our heels at Tempura and Dezaato. We were so hungry! 

Surprise!! A belated birthday cake for me! Thank you Pleng and K.F.

This particular day was a challenge for me. Everyone who went on a lovely massage will agree to have an uninterrupted, goodnight sleep. In my case, I had to fight it off because I agreed to stay up the whole Sunday night for the comprehensive exam with other friends at Coffee Bean. I did it (wow, this calls for a celebration, knowing how a sleepy head I am), but I wasn't able to study well, not to mention that I'm having hard time memorizing and spent half of the next day sleeping. 
with dyan, beryl and keng..Keng had to go home early because the hubby and the baby's waiting. In my case, nagbubuhay dalaga..haha

Comprehensive Exam for the next post!! :)

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  1. I love the pics! Sobrang nagugutom ako sa mga food pics :-p Stay stylish :-)


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