Our comprehensive examinations lasted for 2 days at 3 hours each day. For a first timer like me, I would say that everything was pretty much organized. Each student has a number with a corresponding seat and personalized set of test questions to all 5 chosen courses. Yes, we're privileged to choose the courses we want to take for the exams. Everything was in essay type. I was scheduled to take 3 courses on the first day and the remaining 2 on the last day. I tried to write legibly, but by the second and most especially the third set of exams, I felt my hand numbed as I struggled to engross my answers on the test booklet. UST's a bit jurassic here since some schools have their students take exams on a computer. I'm not so sure if my professor will be able to read my hand writing, knowing that I too, cannot understand my handwriting most of the time. hahaha. Quite ironic since I twice became a class and a club secretary in elementary. Bryan even boasts that he has better scripts than me. Alright, maybe you're now thinking why I called this entry "Bagoong". So my friends and I scheduled another study group and had our lunch at Bagoong Club. There, I said it. heeeee. The place, I suppose, is an old house, a cozy one converted into dining areas, both the first and second floors. 
hihi..this is my friend joy, in front of the resto
I am here at the reception area, full of photos of their features and some of their renowned guests,  aka, mga artista.
the main dining area
We stayed at the air-conditioned area at the first floor. Appetizer was immediately served- chopped turnips with two kinds of bagoong (shrimp paste), "the normal" and the spicy. This is so far one of the most delicious bagoong I've ever tasted (pwedeng papakin). The dishes' names are humorous too. I kept on laughing on the "ginulat na tilapia". Here's what we ordered:
ginataang suso?! not sure!

bagoong club sisig

traditional kare-kare

clockwise: dyan, carina, joyzen and me!

A hearty meal after a brain hemorrhagic exam. Will definitely go back soon! 

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  1. i've eaten here and it's quite near my clinic, too! i should go back again! u're the second person to remind me about this place....

  2. i love your shoes . where did you bought them ?? <3

    care to be one of my followers ? , btw just followed you .

    take care .

  3., the shoes are from Tonic. I bought mine in Crossings Dept. :)


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