Wedding Essentials Beautiful Weddings 2010

I started collecting WE magazines 3 years ago and my most favorite is their Beautiful Weddings Edition because it makes me feel that having a dream wedding is just within reach. I told Bryan, who was then my boyfriend, "You know what hon, our wedding will be featured here (looking at the mag) someday." So it's evidence-based! The law of attraction really works (big grin). And true enough, our ever reliable wedding coordinator, Voltaire Zalamea sent me a link to the Beautiful Wedding's contest. It was their first time to open it on public and let them vote. My husband and I got in the first week which was also the week of our National Elections. I campaigned on Facebook, while my sister and cousin had "Bantay Boto". Bryan, even if he's not here would text me and asked "Honey, kumusta? Lead ba tayo?" haha..The contest was like a roller coaster ride. May I just quote the jargoned "We Heart Attack". To be honest, at first, I was just aiming to win because I want to be featured in a sophisticated magazine. Who doesn't? But at the end, I realized that the essence of the contest is to give inspirations to others. To make known that love indeed is the most powerful virtue and everyone should feel and experience it. Thank you WE for the once in a lifetime opportunity.

And here's what happened tonight.

Wedding Essential's editor-in-chief, Marbee Go and the master of romantic ceremonies (and Royal thru orange kid), RJ Ledesma

92 A.D..there's our cover on screen

Ethel hearts Bryan...I will never be an artist..*sigh*

hearing the 92 A.D. makes me fall in love over and over again

I finally met one of the brides, who's now a friend and soon to be hot mom (see the baby bump?), Ate Cha :)) Here's what you will see on the  news stands. Our personalized cover is only complimentary but we could order more. 
 with lovely couples--Cha and Ian & Atty. Joed and Atty. Cristina. I wish Bryan was here with me.

 And..drum rolls please...Presenting, our cover!!
 closer look...
 The write-up...

 My gown was featured too!

Lloyda's wedding gown, (one of my favorite fashion bloggers) is also featured on the magazine!

 another bonus! we have another photo on the last page! yey! The Parting Shot

Then this particular photo caught my eye. I thought it looks familiar until I remembered the dress was from Aisa's vintage store.hihi

another beautiful shot all the way from Paris. simply breathtaking
Lastly, the outfit post. 
dress: Archive (again..hehe), earrings: Mags, shoes: renegade folk
Thank you to everyone who voted us! :))

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  1. Hi Ethelyn, Congratz! your wedding is so beautiful, it deserves to be featured. Best wishes on your marriage. :))

  2. Thank you Eyzel! Next time it's going to be your turn! I want to see your wedding na rin. God bless!! :))


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