Peanut, Butter and Tony get laud

One of the perks of a college instructor is you get to have a breather. First semester is over which means there's a 3-week vacation. Yey for the students, but for me and my other friends, we still have our comprehensive exams next week and I haven't reviewed anything yet. Anyway, yesterday, my friend Carina and I went to the mall. I realized we're not getting any younger anymore. Imagine we're now talking about family, insurance and stuff! She toured and kinda oriented me at the kids' section while looking at this particular mosquito repellent brand. And it's not even the overrated Off lotion. I don't know anything about kids' brands. Before we went home, we headed our heels to this Peanut Butter Company fast food. For a second, I thought it's another baby's brand..hahaha..The main ingredient of their menu is peanut butter! I wasn't able to take photos but I posted some from Anton Diaz' blog.

Classic Spaghetti (Php 135.00), good for 2 persons. I'm not a fan of red sauce, but this one's an exception. It smells like kare-kare! 

Burger (Php 185.00), good for 2 persons also. I never thought peanut butter and burger could be a tandem. It's so delicious! The peanut butter made the sandwich creamier. 
Carina also bought white chocolate peanut butter as pasalubong for her daughter. 

Then today, amidst typhoon Juan, I got a haircut from Tony and Jackey. It's the nearest salon from the house so I decided to give it a try. The salon is spacious and the stylists are Koreans. I didn't have any idea for the haircut. My hair, sad to say is hard to style because it's too limp and thin-the strands are so thin! It's been a year since I last visited a salon because I had to grow my hair for the wedding. 

They temporarily permed my hair, but I tied it back on my way home. Lookie, there's an orb in my inner elbow. 
 I got another floral jumpsuit on Get Laud yesterday, along with my privileged card. Carina bought her pair too in green. I told her she'll get used with florals, plus she can still wear the suit if she plans to get pregnant again (up to second trimester).  Since October is my birth month, I am entitled to a 20% discount. Yey!! Not bad right? So there, I just wore this one before throwing it in the hamper.

addendum: Peanut Butter Company is located at S.M North Edsa, second floor.  A must try. :))

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