I'm back!!!

I'm still alive! And here's what happened on my 2-week hiatus. 
I was comrehensively doing my thesis proposal and barely had enough sleep. Misy (my MSI netbook) crashed with all my files in it. What surprised me most was my reaction because I didn't even panic. Well, I stared blankly at the wall for 30 minutes but I didn't go insane. (maybe because I am also expecting Misy to give up anytime because her its internal organs are exposed.) Just look at it! 
Good thing I saved all the typed chapters in my email. But I still had to search the articles again. :'(

Then last week, the 5-year Motorola also gave up so I had to buy a cellphone even if it's not in my budget (I had to use the credit card. And for 6,300--not bad with all the nice features)
I purchased this phone. It's made in the Philippines so even the notabilities are so Pinoy. I'm just having difficulty typing because it's qwerty. What I like most about it is it prays. It has the Angelus, evening prayers and even rosary (although the rosary is not activated). I woke up 6 in the morning the next day I bought it thinking someone's calling. When I checked, it's reciting the Angelus. haha..Downside is I can't hear its alarm (or should I say I just don't know where to adjust the volume, and I hate reading manuals). 

Next, I celebrated my 26th birthday last Saturday and I got the best gift. 
Nope, not this donut..heee..donut for breakfast?!? (surprise from Kuya Badik, Ate Jean and Teja)

Guess what?! I was able to pass my thesis proposal on time. Yey!! Besides that, I went home in Pampanga and my dad cooked  (yes, he's the best) some of my favorite dishes. 
I bought frozen yogurt instead of cake (yumyum). When it comes to birthdays or parties, I am apollonic. I just want it simple as long as I'm celebrating with the people closest to my heart.  :))

My sister made me up again.heehee Although Bryan said he prefers the natural make-up look on me, my sister did a good job (she keeps on improving). I just don't know if I gave it justice. I don't know how to project. I'm so trying hard..haha
jumpsuit from mags; shoes from Cole vintage (duh, you don't see it anyway)

More posts to come! :))

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  1. love the jumpsuit and...
    1. sorry about your laptop
    2. but yey! on your thesis!


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