Surprise video

I’d like to share you a glimpse of our wedding, “the first” wedding. Just in case you didn’t know, Bryan and I got married twice this year and we experienced both worlds of wedding-the simple and the not so simple, and both are painstakingly splendid in their truest sense of word. This video was a surprise made by Bryan's brother, BJ and was shown at the reception. If pictures tell a thousand words, a video relives every wonderful moment. So if you're planning to get married, make sure to hire a good photo/video team. The wedding part is quite shaky (notice how few we were) and the "before the wedding" clip was taken during our pre-nuptial session,  behind the scenes by Guj and Jomar of Red Sheep Photography. I like how BJ made it vintagey to match our wedding theme. This video clip always makes me smile and teary-eyed, and I am falling in love even more with my husband. Don't forget to say I love you to your true love before retiring on bed tonight. 

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  1. he video was so lovely. You both are beautiful and congrats. I wish you the best.


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