My life as a teacher

I entered the academe when I was only 21. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher--a kindergarten teacher. But kismet was very wise and I became a college teacher instead. Through the years, I’ve had a lot of experiences with my students. Even if I don’t remember some of their names anymore, their faces and acquaintances I had with them are still vivid and will always, always have a special place in my heart.

As I’ve said, I was 21 when I started teaching in a university in our province. My students then were juniors, making them around 18 or 19 years old. Our hospital duties ran for about 4 weeks, then we’ll have another set of students for the next shift. Some of my colleagues warned me about this particular group I’m about to handle. They said, “this group” is manipulative because three of the students are almost double my age—2 ladies and one guy. The ladies are both married, with 2 and 5 children. The guy took up Nursing as his second field. But lo and behold, this so-called group actually turned out to be one of the most respectful, wittiest and most fun group I’ve ever handled.

So to continue, we were assigned at a secondary hospital at the foot of a mountain. The hospital, with its spacious land and bountiful greeneries may be mistaken as a mini park. The students’ room is separated from the hospital which could accommodate around 30-40 people (you could see everything else from there). While discussing during our last day, a small queue of armed men piled up at the parking space. My students were distracted. Someone even asked, “Ma’am what’s happening? Will they hostage us?” Of course it was a joke, but I was bothered too until the director of the hospital approached us and told me it’s a movie shoot (but the armed men, I think, were for security purposes). He even asked if 2 of my students can act as nurses for the movie. As crazy as it could get, my “3 oldies” (especially the guy) shouted, “Artista na kame”, and everybody else laughed.

It turned out to be a movie of Pampanga’s former governor (alright, our ex-governor), Mark Lapid, with then rising star, Cristine Reyes. The movie’s entitled “Apoy sa dibdib ng Samar” (Flame in the heart of Samar?!?). Anyway, Cristine was there and we were able to take a blurred photo with her. She’s nice!  I remembered her grabbing my waist when my students took a photo of us, and gave a shy smile when I told her she’s very pretty.

Watch the epic film’s trailer, with the “Epic Banana Script”@ 1:51-2:00. (don't laugh okay? it makes sense..heeee)

Post script: My students didn’t have any part on the film, but we all went home with a hearty laugh. It was an experience after all. 

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