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Love is always in the air! While having a break on my thesis writing, I would like to share my favorite lines/stories by real brides and grooms. This is just the first part as I feel my eye grade will surge any minute now.

Disclaimer: The photos and lines below were mostly from my Wedding Essential's Beautiful Weddings magazine collection, from videographers and photographers' website and from googling brides and grooms' names for other photos. (And I am not a stalker.)

"Your tantrums are out of this world. But I will painfully, gladly put up with it, because you are my comfort, my partner, my bestfriend, and my number one cheerleader." Doug Kramer

"He looked giddy and slightly nervous, like he was somewhat out of place and embarrassed by the attention. But as soon as he saw me, his eyes slowly lit with happiness, and he smiled. I will never forget that smile. It was a genuinely happy smile, a smile that warmed my beating heart with so much love".- Noelle Bernadette Corpus

"Sa buhay na to, marami akong naging pangarap. Maging mahusay na doctor, maging beauty queen, at maikasal sa isang magarang lugar sa isang matipunong lalaki. Sa araw na ito ay natupad ko na ang isa sa mag pangarap na yan. Yun ay maging isang beauty queen." Tuesday Vargas

Can't get enough of Tuesday..Here's another power line.

"Kahit ano pa mang mangyari, dumami man ang ampon nating pusa, malaos man tayo—na hindi mangyayari dahil hindi pa naman tayo sikat, pagtawanan man tayo ng mga bata pag seventy na tayo dahil kulubot na tayo pero marami tayong tattoo, haharapin natin yan ng magkasama at magkahawak kamay." Tuesday Vargas 

"It is my honor to be the first to say, the sweetest name I’ll ever hear, Mrs. Claudine Baretto-Santiago".-Raymart Santiago

"The mood was solemn yet light. Our loved ones cried again as I shared what Fr. Ernie calls my “7-page vow” and laughed as Ian pulled out his 7-liner cue card from the back pocket of his pants to profess his “love and commitment”!- Cha Rigor-Verdeflor

"My coordinators were getting frantic because the ceremony is about to start and the wedding couple is not in the church! When I heard from her that due to the circumstances (heavy traffic due to cycling event) they will cut the ceremonies: no bridal march, no readings, or even the choir singing. Without thinking, I got off the car and ran the 2 km hike to Our Lady of Lourdes Church"!-Darlene

"Isang bagay lang ang maipapangako ko sayo simula sa araw na ito. Pinapangako kong hinding-hindi kita gugutumin." James 

"I forgave Haig for smirking on our wedding day as, a little over ten years earlier, I’d told a friend, “I feel sorry for whoever his girlfriend is; I mean, look at him!” Charlene Fernandez (to groom, Haig)

"He came with a shiny Mustang as his horse, and he gifted me a pink Mini-Cooper as a carriage. What can I say? I am living my own modern fairytale with a prince who is now my king." Tiffany Princess Chua-Gatchalian 

"Many people have asked me why Vince and I chose to get married in Paris. My answer is simple-because it was impossible." Nina Corpus

"It was love at first sight! He was all the way up in the balcony while I was near front row and center, and yet amid an auditorium filled with hundreds of students, his cute anime look caught my eye. And I stole glances, thinking he couldn’t possibly be looking at me.(but he did)"Sarah Magtibay-Lee

"I would bring her ChocNut all the time, because that was what we had in the canteen, and I would ask her to go out for coffee. She always said yes, even if the coffee I treated her to was the 3-in-1 type at 711."Jiggy Manicad 

"Lora, the first time I set eyes on you sa Loyola Gym, I had a feeling, ikaw ang Ms. Universe ng buhay ko. Iba talaga tama ko sayo." - Larry Fonacier (to wife, Lora)

"Our story goes back to 1993, when we became classmates in fifth grade. He had a crush on me and I had a crush on him. He annoyed me to bits at the same time wrote me love letters (which I enjoyed reading over and over). Little did we know that this “puppy love” would actually be the starting point of a wonderful relationship bound for the altar."- Trina Yap-Sotto (to groom, Derek)

"As Aisa de Leon of Imago started to sing (Sundo), much to my surprise and everyone else’s, Tutti started to walk from the altar towards me! Sinundo nya ko!" Ria Sausa-Caringal

Have a twitterpatting weekend, everyone! Bring out all the endorphins! 

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  1. I gotta say i love Darlene's commitment to make it to the altar on time...

    favorite ko un kay tuesday promise... i love everything about her wedding vow... hehe

    and this one is cute too

    "I forgave Haig for smirking on our wedding day as, a little over ten years earlier, I’d told a friend, “I feel sorry for whoever his girlfriend is; I mean, look at him!” – Charlene Fernandez (to groom, Haig)

  2. Hi raema! I couldn't agree more! These three are hilarious. :D

  3. Awwwww so sweet... Really heart-warming. :)


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