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Hello ya'll! For weeks (or even months I think), I've been bragging about my thesis, and as I type this away, I'm literally living like a hermit in this tiny, cozy room. But I promise, this is going to be the last one I'll talk about the study I'm conducting. And warning, this is a BORING post. Anyway, for this semester, I have to finish 4 chapters of the research paper, so by early October, I can already pass the proposal (hopefully). Until now, I am still struggling with chapter 2, making a lot of revisions, or should I say start from scratch again. When I'm stressed, I feel like I'm fixated to infancy stage because I tend to eat a lot-unhealthy that is. And my taste buds work like a whirlwind. For the first few minutes, it's craving for something salty, then it gets tired and asks for something sweet, then sour, then salty again.

tsk,tsk,,,unhealthy, except the shrimps..aackk! 

need to have a dose of endorphin to keep my sanity

I usually feel guilty after dumping these in my stomach, so I rush to these workouts, twice or thrice a week. They're stress relievers too! Try them-Barry's Bootcamp and Chalene Johnson's Turbo Jam. I'll blog about these when I achieve a Jessica Biel's body..hahaha (which means I will never blog about it)

Then again, I only go out of the room for some errands. I grabbed what's on the upper most part of the neatly folded clothes...
and wore these socks just because my lower legs are unwaxed. ewwww!! hahaha

On my way to the mall, a man asked if I was a football player (I thought of that too!). Irritated, I said "Yes, I'm a football player, so f*ck off or I'll kick your ass." (alright, so the latter's a joke, but I did say yes)

So I finished my chapter 2 this afternoon and I was dead tired already---a 4-page-paper which took 4 days to accomplish. It will be a great achievement if my professor gives me his blessing for this (please, please, please!!). 

Again, in other news, my husband finally got his job, this time as a medical technologist, but they are called Clinical Laboratory Scientist in the U.S.  After 5 long years, he gets to practice his own profession. I'm a proud wife! 

Lastly, I'd like you to meet Pearly. He's our adopted dugong from Palawan. He looks shy eh? 

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  1. that's amazing! :D congrats to him!!

    ooohhh pancit canton!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. thank you guys!!

    @sybil- don't you just love lucky me pancit canton? heaven!! hihi


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