Dream house, anyone?

Of all the beautiful houses I've seen, and yet to see, the country homes are my favorite. Now I should blame it to all the cartoons I got hooked to in elementary--Mary and the Secret Garden, The Little Prince, even Snow White! My dream house is a bungalow type, at least and only up to a second floor or an attic for some more bedrooms. Since it's a bungalow, I want it elevated around two meters or more from the ground, (just to be safe from another Ondoy) situated in a huge lot, in a quiet neighborhood. I want enough space for a parking slot, a garden and for the kids to run around and maybe even add a swing, hammock or a slide. 

Aren't these houses just lovely?

For the interiors, as long as it's a wood parquet flooring, but not the traditional one (I'll go for the non scratch, vinyl type--as long as it's environment friendly..If not, the traditional's A-okay..or maybe tiles which appear like the parquet) 

This is my favorite among the bunch! It makes the house looks so cozy and warm. 

and of course, a walk-in-closet. heeee
These are closets of the stars-Christina Aguilera, Eva Longoria, Mariah Carey and Nicky Hilton, which I think are overrated. Well, they are stars so they have to invest on it. Though these photos are overwhelming and salivating, I honestly cannot imagine myself owning more than 50 pairs of shoes. I couldn't possibly wear all of them (to date, I have 33 pairs and I only wear 3 pairs for work). I'm not even sure how long they will last since they are just inside their boxes most of the time. Err, I find it morally wrong knowing there are a lot of people out there who do not even have a pair of slippers. Don't get me wrong, I love shoes!!!! I just feel guilty sometimes. 

But then again, a Carrie Bradshaw closet will be perfect!

Happy weekend everyone! Another post for you to read on before I drag my butt to my thesis.

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