Busy, busy, busy

So here is what's keeping me busy for the past weeks. 

I am swamped with books

and more books....

Just a bit more and I'll be labeled as antisocial. Seriously, I only go out of my room when I had to use the bathroom, eat or run some errands. I cannot even play with my niece for an hour because I have to read, read and read some more. Oh Thesis! You're making my life so complicated! But what can I do? I have to stick with you. We'll be companions for the whole year. 

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  1. Girl, I miss UST! And I can super relate with you and all those long hours devoted to reading! Good luck to us! I'm sure it's gonna be all worth it in the end :-)

  2. Yes Sjen, it will be all worth it. kontng tiis lang. :D
    When's the last time you visited UST? andami ng bago, especially everyone's preparing for the quadricentennial celebration. :D

  3. I think I visited UST last year, and that was a hospital visit pa :/ That school has so much memories for me :-)

    Is this for your postgraduate degree? :)

  4. I know Ms. AB! :D
    Memorable for me too that's why i decided to go back. yep, master's degree. We're all pressured since it's a CHED requirement. Baka we'll lose our job if we won't graduate next year. :I

  5. I see. You go girl! I think a postgraduate degree is one of the best lifetime investments. Good luck! :-)


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