Winner in my heart, always

My husband has always been street smart and a keen observer too. At a tender age of 17, the audience gave him a standing ovation to his final answer at the MMTP (Mr and Ms Thomasian Personality, which by the way was changed later on to The Search for the Ideal Tomasian Personality..the latter's better don't you think?). Too bad I wasn't able to finish the program because I had to beat my dorm's curfew. I wasn't even expecting he's going to make it to top 5, but I was surely impressed (note that I was still a complete stranger to him at this time).  

the dates on photos were inaccurate
During the candidates' entrance, he was the only one I noticed and he looked so shy and walked like a robot with a chalice and shield.
Then during sports wear, his basketball was sort of uncooperative as it went on opposite directions while he was striving for an exhibition. Some girls among the audience even shrieked. After 3 failed attempts and the ball bounced outside the stage, still composed, he raised his arms as if cheering the crowd. The crowd in turn gave a round of applause. 

During the casual wear, I was surprised to see him dancing with so much energy. He's not shy anymore as he did a unique routine. It was funny..and gutsy!
Finally, the question for the finalists. Can't remember exactly but here's the thought,  "If you will become a rector, what will you do to improve the image of the university?" The first thing that came to his mind was the dispute between the university administration and the labor union. (And yes, I remembered our classes being canceled because of the employee's strike and that was not a good sight.) He answered simply that to improve UST's image, he would give the demands of the employees and students. He was about to add that granting the demands of the employees will motivate them to work productively but after his first sentence, the crowd stood up already to cheer for him. In the end, he won first runner up. Not bad for a freshman. I agree with him and I'm darn proud of him. A happy employee is a productive employee.
Here, he was featured in their faculty's official paper. My older sister proudly showed it to me since they were on the same field. I remembered telling her how Bryan looked a lot like Jolo Revilla. (but definitely my husband's more gwapo)
P.S: whoever knows where to get a copy of this pageant, just please please let me know and I will love you forever!!! (This event was just too memorable for both of us. Promise this is going to be the last time I  write about it.heehee)

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