Poised, unpoised

Tuesdays are thesis writing class days which means I have to carry my luggage of books or else I'll be left behind in the discussion. During the few weeks of class, I managed to put them on a tote bag but as weeks went by, our professor gave more and more hard copy outputs as our references, ballooning up to 4 hard bounds plus other papers. They're so heavy! So yesterday, I decided to use a backpack. 
The other compartment was filled with a laptop and a lunchbox, plus I carried another shoulder bag. 
 And I hauled all of these in this pretty, dainty dress. 
 While walking, a group of girls stared at me from head to toe and saw them smirking behind my peripheral vision. They were ridiculously making fun of how I look, or so I believed they were. I know it could have been better if I sticked on the tote but I don't want to sacrifice my poor shoulders because I think they're too fragile. I went home during the past weeks with huge, painful red lines across them. Sometimes, looks could be sacrificed for convenience. 

Another thing I like about my husband (because there are a lot) was that he always brings a jacket and an umbrella. During our first movie date, he offered a jacket because he thought I was freezing. I was mesmerized at how the jacket and umbrella fit in his tiny clutch bag. It was certainly a thousand plus pogi points. In highschool and college, most boys think that carrying an umbrella with them is a turn off, that other people, especially girls will laugh at them. And when it rains, they crazily run around, dripping wet. Which now is better?

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