I've been looking for black and white oxfords for months now..The closest was one from Aldo but it's peep toe and way out of my budget. Urban Og has already wiped this off earlier last year, or I think late 2008. 
This one, I saw on Chictopia. They're so nice and classy. Have to work on the law of attraction again. I am most especially immersed with the perforations. 

Now for the flats. These are from Ichigo. I love the color combination! Cream and Navy for only 920! But I can't be impulsive now especially that I'm working on my Thesis. Though I'm still far from conquering it, I heard we have to pay Php21,000 for the defense alone (around $450).  

Anyway, I have to go to the grocery this weekend and probably stroll in the mall (it's very therapeutic even if I won't buy anything), but I have this bad case of blister at the corner of my mouth. I feel like it will be infected if I go out of the house. It looks like a herpes! ack! In our dialect, we call it "bangus". I am prone to it ever since I was a kid (plus hives almost every week now). My husband told me it might be airborne especially that I'm exposed to almost anything unnecessary, and I'm under stress so my resistance to infection is weakened. Oh well, the only thing I remembered was  my student and I did perineal care to one of our patients. On a lighter note, the blister's responding to antibiotics which means it's not viral. It should be cured before Monday.

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