Oh Thesis!!

This is what I wore in our Thesis Writing orientation about 3 weeks ago. Thesis makes me oh so stressed but I want to finish it soon.
(same spot..don't mind all the clutter. the view from the opposite side of the room is a lot better, but it's always against the light during the day)

Weather here is so unpredictable so I put my hair on a bun again. I went out of the house with the sun scorching, then it started pouring so hard on my way home. 
There's only one thing in my mind when this happens. I gotta save my shoes!!! Good thing I was already in front of our gate so they're saved from getting soaked. Next time, I'll bring my rubber slippers.  

dress: freeway
gray blouse: G2000
oxfords: pill
headband: custom made by my sister

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