My Pearl Love Story Part 2

You may read part one here. heee..So here's a story of my favorite gem. Since highschool, I have always wanted to wear pearls. I am deeply mesmerized with its simplicity and elegance, plus, it could practically look good in almost all outfits. I thought it will look nice too in my white ruffled blouse and navy blue jumper skirt in highschool and immaculately white uniform in college. The only problem then is, my dad didn't want me to wear one. He said pearls are tears and wearing such will be a jinx. Of course I believed him so I just wore gold earrings, a legacy from my grandmother. But in college, I couldn't help it so I bought fancy pearl earrings from a nearby shop across our school. Then I came across my husband's name. I was in awe that such surname exists! I beam whenever I see car plates with "Perlas ng Silangan" (Pearl of the Orient), even now.

When I got my first job, I bought a pair of South Sea pearls. I was so happy! During our wedding preparations, I knew I had to wear pearls. I invested on this pair even before my gown was done.

No other accessories..just this...
Then a sad but memorable story happened. Right after the ceremony at the Lakeshore Tent, the guests had some refreshments in front of the lake while Bryan and I had a pictorial with our team. While waiting, Bryan noticed that the other earring is missing. I touched my right ear, the earring's gone. I panicked and almost hyperventilated for seconds--make that minutes, alright. My sister and cousins were worried too. Who wouldn't? It's one of my first investments and cost as much as a Blackberry! But then again, a knight in a dapper cream suit was there to rescue his glorious damsel in distress. Bryan amiably calmed me, told me not to let an earring ruin our great night. It was so comforting that we could run away and just leave our guests at the reception hall.heeeheee..He even offered to buy another one for me (which I think is not practical anymore). My make-up artist, Jesy, offered her stud pearl earrings so I won't look plain. My ever reliable sister kept my other earring. 

I still have the earring here after the ceremony. We were on our way to the bridal car.

Inside the car, the earring's gone already. 
It's a good thing my headpiece covered my right ear so the missing pair of earring was not obvious. 

Initially, I didn't want to blog about this because it's regretful. Only few knew about this, but I decided to blog it anyway. My friend, Keng, told me I can convert it to a pendant. But as of now, it will remain the same. After all, it's still a happy ending. It's full of memories! And to speculate on what my dad told me--yes, pearls caused me tears. TEARS OF JOY!  

Post script: I will still collect stud pearls--in all colors. But I won't wear them on casual days, only fancy. 

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  1. Oh girl, so sorry about the missing pearl earring. It looks so pretty pa naman :/. I'm sure you'll have more beautiful pairs in the future :-)

  2. it's really pretty sjen. it was lost, but i have good memories of it. yep, that's what i want to collect. heehee :D


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