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The blogosphere has its own world, in my case, it's my other comfort zone. I get to know people, talking about their lives even without meeting them personally. And yes, I am learning from them. They all inspire me in all sorts. Here are my favorites.
Daphne Osena--you read it right. The glamorous host of Urban Zone maintains a blog. She talks mostly about her life-being a mother, her kids, her career. My favorite is when she talks about her daughters, especially Lily. Go read now so you can relate. 
Then there's Frances Amper-Sales of Topaz Horizon, also the editor-in-chief of OK magazine Philippines. Her page popped out while I was searching for Kate Torralba wedding gowns and I got hooked since then. She maintains 3 blogs--her official which is the Topaz horizon, then her mommy blog (she'll be a mom soon!) and her beauty blog. 

Another is Ms. C (Cecile) of Chuvaness. I would say she's a fierce and an outspoken woman. 

Then the ladies of fashion--be it clothes, shoes, bags, travels etcetera. Take a look at my side bar and click. These are just few. I have yet to discover some more. :D

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  2. Hi! I stumbled upon this post. Thank you for reading my blog! Mwah!!!


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