Going Victorian

If I were to marry again (with the same man of course), I would want my gown to look like this...

and go for a Victorian themed party. I want to have that hour-glass-shape-body and it's within reach now because we have Mich Dulce. She's the only true corsetiere in our country.
Imagine your waist shrinking up to 5 inches plus gaining that perfect posture all the time. The breasts could also be pushed. Here is Ciara Sotto, Mich Dulce's first corseted bride. I envy her! She had a 20-inch waist on her wedding--effortlessly!!

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  1. omg that dress in the photo is so beautiful:) i saw dresses like that on ebay. i got mesmerized. hehe. =)

    P.S. I'll be having my 1st giveaway on my blog very soon sis! Hope you could join!=) I've got amazing items to give away!:)

  2. I know!!! it's so beautiful! yep!! kaloka mga giveaways mo, andami!! I'll stay tuned! :D


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