Florals made my day!

This semester, I'm off on Fridays. So yesterday, I did some banking errands after which I decided to go thrifting. And my oh my, look what I've found!!!!

I've been eyeing on floral coats for weeks now and fashion bloggers usually got theirs on thrift shops. The trench coat is an authentic Kenneth Cole! I felt my heart skipped a bit upon seeing this. And it was just hanging there on the rack, waiting for me to pick it. Then I glanced on my other side and found another gem! I could practically hear it say, "Pick me too please, pick me, pick me!" I didn't have any second thoughts. I purchased them right away. They look brand new and everything's just perfect. So for just Php500 ($11), it's definitely a hit! Now my MJ trench dress isn't alone anymore. I just wish our weather would be a bit cooler so I could wear these. Or maybe the consul grant me the visa so I can bring these to Woodland Hills.

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  1. Hi Ethelyn! These are just adorable! I'd love to know the thrift store you go to. Hope you don't mind telling me. Btw, I'm a senior nursing student, I just love seeing alot of nurses with a blogging hobby! - Mar

  2. Hello Mar! I know! Lovely finds! There's this thrift store in West Ave (the road going to S.M North, near Pizza Hut) and a lot of stores in Cubao, along Gateway. I visited Kabunyan Thrift store before and I went home with 3 huge plastic bags. :)



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