Black, white and green

The search for the black and white oxfords is over! I finally got one last Sunday at Candie's. Though the shoes don't have laces, I still love the overall look!

And for its debut, I paired it with this vintage dress, again from Archive.

It was drizzling outside but I still wore them anyway. I have this fear of getting my shoes soaked in the rain or flood. I went to my friends's apartment (Ms. F of Topaz Horizon wrote in her blog about the proper use of possessive nouns--'s is use even if the last letter ends with an s) and celebrated Ishel's birthday before going to our graduate school class. 

I believe we still look like a bunch of students. Well, we are all students, only it's a post-grad. I'm happy when I'm with these people. All we had was a good laugh--a green laugh
Then in our Advanced Maternal and Child Nursing class, we had another session of this laugh with our professor discussing about sexology. That's what we get out of our profession. It's always a normal discussion. :P

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  1. you look gorge in that dress ethel!=) and how did you buy that oxfords? online? i love!

  2. thank you pax!!! hope to see you this saturday!! ill reply on your blog. :D

  3. those heeled spectators are so adorable! great buy! :)

  4. thank you kookie!! they are adorable! :D


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