Why I blog?

I've always loved to write. I used to keep a diary when I was in elementary until high school but tore the pages and discarded everything because it's private. I'll be ashamed if someone will be able to read it. I am at peace when I scribble. It's like I'm on a precipice overlooking at everything beautiful in sight. I used to make stories at the back of my mind and day dream. Maybe these were out of reading fictional books in school and at home, or just being the hopeless romantic that I am. There are some people who are gifted with quick ,smart thoughts that's why we have debaters, beauty queens, hosts and stand-up comedians. My husband, for one is skilled with that. No wonder he's most of the time the frontliner. I, on the other hand thinks well if given a certain time (except on exams when I cram), so IF EVER I'll be gifted with beauty, body and height, perfect for those pageants, I believe I still won't win because I will flunk on impromptus. Come fourth year high school until college, I started making nice scripts for mini plays in classes, or so I believed I was good because we ranked colossally. Then come 2008, I started blogging on my multiply account, then last year, here. I write everything I had in mind and heart so if there's any consolation, it's my pure sincerity. It makes my heart so glad when some friends, even strangers appreciate what I write. I didn't quite expect to have a small group of readers. Most stories are happy, some sad, but the bottom line is I influenced others with me, writing about my life and it is so fulfilling. And for this, I am more inspired with what this Earth Angel can offer. When I get old, I can simply look back at this blog and reminisce. Who knows, maybe this might be a heritage in our family, just like this vintage dress.
 Sorry I can't help. I always find an excuse to post something like this. Anyway, I wonder where this came from, and the original owner too. I got this again from Archive. Don't you just love vintage pieces? It's so 60's and the color's yummy too! 

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  1. I love the dress. Vintage works really well with you :)

  2. you look gorgeous in that dress Ethel!!!:) grabbing your pics ha. :D

  3. thank you pax!! hihi..mmmmwah!!! cge grab lang :D


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