Vintage-Autumn Wedding: The Accessories

Now here are the small details in our wedding.

My detachable gown, headdress and clutch bag.

A pearlized, 12-inched chiffon cake was chosen with autumn colors. The cake was not included in our priority so we settled for this one. It's still cute, but I think it will be cuter if the cake topper was a caricature of us.

Since the ceremony was held in a tent, I asked my dad to bring our huge crucifix and place it at the altar.

The little girls' headdresses. Initially, I bought these headbands for them.

But on the day itself, they opted to use fresh flowers instead. It matched their dresses well! And look at their flower balls! I so love the color!

Then the entourage's bouquet. Autumn colors-checked!!

The cord. The flower designs matched my headdress and gown. The cord used was so vintage! The pillows and veil matched too, but I couldn't find the photos since there were about thousands of them. heehee

The unity candles. My favorite here are the matches because they are twice as long as the ordinary and the match heads were orange too! Perfect!

Treats: We gave banana wallnut cakes for our principal sponsors. It was so yummy!!!! And it came with a brown box!

The violet neckties. nuff said...

The invitation: The cover was made up of black and white Victorian paisley and the inside was as colorful as the autumn.

The back drop of our photo booth was also the same as our invites.

Then the fire lanterns!!

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